Mega Metric focuses on the large metric hex head cap screws in Property Class 8.8 and 10.9, along with socket head cap screws in Property Class12.9. By large, we mean diameters up to M100 and lengths up to M1000. We also carry a very significant inventory of hex nuts, washers and double end studs.

Mega Metric has over two million pounds of finished goods inventory and over a half million pounds of inventory including headed sockets, hex head metric blanks and unthreaded studs. With our CNC lathes and milling, cutting, drilling, tapping and thread rolling equipment, Mega Metric can convert blanks into custom metric parts within 24 to 48 hours. In special situations, we have purchased large diameter rod in inch dimensions and cut and machined it to required metric dimensions. This shows our true dedication to the needs of our distributors.

Mega Metric distributors are also able to take advantage of a program unique to our company. This program allows our distributors to respond quickly to their customers' urgent requirements for special fasteners. Due to our close, long-term relationships with key metric fastener producers and stockists in Europe, Mega Metric has direct computer access to their live inventory data and can rapidly access special fasteners. Orders for special fasteners placed with Mega Metric by Wednesday are forwarded to the manufacturer and shipped airfreight by Friday. By the following Tuesday, they are at our South Carolina facility and within 24 hours are enroute to the distributor. This program enables our distributors to receive their orders on special fasteners within 7 to 10 working days.

Mega Metric was founded in 1993 and in its 15 year history has gravitated to the top of the class in the products and services that we offer. The dedicated sales team at Mega Metric knows and speaks big metric.

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